WVYSL Winter 5v5 Friendlies League

To help with winter training, WVYSL is offering teams a 5v5 friendlies league this winter.  Small sided games ensure all your players get plenty of touches on the ball, keep developing, and have fun.  We have selected the 5v5 format to allow high school player to participate without losing their CCS eligibility.   We also hope this program will help strengthen and build the WVYSL community connections.

The WVYSL 5v5 Winter Friendlies provides each participating team with 6 games, that will be scheduled on Saturdays, January 11 – March 2.  Games are 20 min halves with a 5 min halftime.  All games will be played on one half of one of the Prospect Back Turf field (or an equivalent turf field).  Games will be played with the U10 size Bownets.  Format is goal keeper plus 4 field players.  A center referee is included in the cost.  An initial schedule will be provided but if both teams for a game agree, games can be moved.

Teams will be scheduled for games based on level, not purely age.    Boys vs girls teams will be scheduled if both teams agree.   If we do not have enough WVYSL teams to fill out a bracket, we will selectively invite local teams to fill in the brackets.  Teams may register more than one 5v5 team if there is sufficient player interest.  Guest players are allowed to ensure you can always field a team and also use the games to help assess players trying out to join your team.  Coaches must have a current CYSA or US Club Coach pass.

More details on the WVYSL 5v5 rules are available here.

The cost for the WVYSL winter friendlies is $120/team.   If your team is interested, please fill out the form below and drop off your check with our WVYSL registrar.

We will have two brackets based on the teams who registered interest:

  • Boys 99B-97B
    • WV Rockets 99B Team 1
    • WV Rockets 99B Team 2
    • WV Silver Lightning 99B Team 1
    • WV Silver Lightning 99B Team 2
    • WV Sharks 97B
  • Girls  00G-98G
    • WV Strikers 00G Black
    • WV Strikers 00G Red
    • WV Revolution 99G Red
    • WV Revolution 99G White
    • WV Surf Girls 99G Team 1
    • WV Surf Girls 99G Team 2

If you have a team that is interested in joining one of these brackets, please fill out the form below.    Teams may be added through the end of December.

Primary Contact Name:

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WVYSL Team Name:

5v5 Team Name:

Coach Name:

Select team age group:

Select your 5v5 Team Level:

Are Co-ed games OK for your team?
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Bye requested on the following dates (select all that apply):
 January 4 January 11 January 18 January 25
 February 1 February 8 February 15 February 22
 March 1