Defense & Teamwork Wins Championships

Congratulations the WV Revolution 99G for winning the Sunnyvale Medina Cup U18 Red Bracket, Sept 24-25, 2016 at the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex.

The foundation teamwork was developed long before the tournament began, when WV Revolution 99G and WV Surf Girls began doing some combined team training and play together last Spring so they could help each other out as needed. Like many high school teams, these girls have busy schedules and strong academic workloads. By combining forces, the teams had a little more flexibility in fielding teams and competitions. For this tournament, five WV Surf Girls players joined their WV Revolution Revolution 99G sisters to compete hard together for the cup.

The Medina Cup tournament was a battle of defenses, combined with just enough offense. WV Revolution 99G won both of their Saturday games, 2-0 against Elite Soccer 99G Orange Mayhem and East Bay Eclipse U18G Lunar. All four goals were scored by a different player: Lia, Isabel (with assist from Mia), Sanjana, and Anna. Goal keeper Caitlin “Steve” and the defense created an insurmountable wall.

Despite two wins with shutouts, Revolution finished the day in third place Saturday evening because two of the other five teams competing in this age group had scored more goals. The Central Coast Condors had dominated their opponents, scoring 3 goals in their first game, and two goals in their second game, while giving up no goals either. The Alum Rock Barcelona had won both their games, 4-0 in their first game, and 3-1 in their second game. Revolution was a point behind both of them, 19 to 18.

It would come down to the Sunday morning 8 AM games that all teams in the age group would be playing.

The Revolution team played a hard fought game with the Milpitas Panthers, winning 1-0 with an assist and goal by Kelly to Hikari on a free kick. Would it be enough? It was. Alum Rock lost their game 1-0 against the East Bay Eclipse, dropping them lower in the standings. The Central Coast Condors had won their Sunday game 3-0 over the Elite Soccer Orange Mayhem. It would be a championship game between the two teams that had given up 0 goals in their first 3 games. The Condors scored more goals during the 3 qualifying games – they would be the home team.

Unlike the earlier games with more moderate temperatures, the championship would be played in 95 degree heat on a hot turf field. It was a battle to the end with both teams having scoring chances, but neither able to quite put it past both the strong defenses and keepers. At the end of an hour and fifteen minutes of hard fought soccer, the score was 0-0. It would come down to PKs.

Despite being hot and exhausted, the girls did not miss a shot. The Caitlin held steady and the Condors missed the goal twice. West Valley had a champion.

Congratulations girls!