Photo Day

At WV Photo Day, each team gets/has its photo taken, while participating in fun, league-sponsored activities for the whole community:

Scholarship Fundraisers
For WV Photo Day 2012, we had the following scholarship fundraisers:

Over $3000 was raised through these events.


For the Penalty Kick-a-thon, players gather sponsors who will pay a certain amount per point scored by the player. During the PK-a-thon, each player gets 5 balls to take penalty shot at a partially covered goal. A ball through the center hole is worth one point. A ball through a side hole is worth two points.

This year, the following full teams participated in the PK-a-thon:

The winning team will be posted soon.

Power Shot
For this competition, a radar gun was used to measure the speed of a player’s kick. Times were recorded at over 60 mph. More details on the winners for each age group are coming soon.

Boy Champions Girl Champions
Age Player Ball Speed  Age Player Ball Speed
U10 Sam L
(Owls 01)
38 mph U12 Madison
35 mph
U12 Thompson H
(Owls 01)
41 mph U14 Marissa
41 mph
U14 Ryan H
50 mph U16 Kaylee
(PAC United)
60 mph
U16 Chris & Ishan
51 mph U18 Alison
63 mph
U18 Jonathan
(Cruz Azul)
63 mph

Power Save
Goal keepers enjoyed the chance to show their moves making saves with rapidly fired balls from a ball machine at the Power Save booth. There were a lot of great jumps, dives in that booth by both top goal keepers, and by their teammates who now have a new appreciation for the challenges faced by goal keepers. Thank you to Scott Hughes and Andrew Hadidian providing this opportunity for our star keepers.

Fish Bowl Raffles
This year we had the following items for raffle:

  • Earthquakes Autographed Ball (Earthquakes) – Dean Rodriguez
  • Movie Basket (WV Celtics) – Winner: Stacy Proost
  • Goalie Training Sessions (Scott Hughes) – Winner: Martyn Webster
  • Chivas Jersey (Asby Sports) – Winner: Bustamante Family
  • US Women’s Jersey (Asby Sports)
  • Barcelona Jersey (Asby Sports) – Dean Eyers
  • Eurosport Gift Certificate – Bob O’Connor
  • Soccer  necklace and Italian Candy: Anna
  • Gift Cards – Matt Conner and Cyril

Soccer Skills

We had the following Soccer Skills events this year:

Fastest Sprint

  • U10B
    1. AYSO: Sam – 6.4 Sec
    2. WV: Landon B
    3. AYSO: Winston L
  • U10G
    1. AYSO: Ana C – 6.9 Sec
  • U14G
    1. WV Revolution 99G Red: Ai-Vy D – 5.1 Sec
    2. WV Revolution 99G White: Yuli H
    3. WV Revolution 99G White/Red: Mia L & Meg M
  • U16B
    1. WV Wolves 97B: Ishan & Matthew – 4.5 Sec
    2. WV Wolves 97B: Nick
    3. WV Wolves 97B: Matt V

Juggling Masters

  • Boys
    1. WV Wolves 97B: Prashant – 245 consecutive juggles
  • Girls
    1. WV Revolution 99G Red: Mia B – 145 consecutive juggles
    2. WV Revolution 99G Red: Meg M
    3. WV Revolution 99G White: Alie F

Dribbling Poles Challenge

  • U8B
    1. AYSO: Brett G – 30.8 Sec
  • U8G
    1. AYSO: Alexia G – 33.1 Sec
  • U12B
    1. Arman B: 29.2 Sec
    2. WV: Landon B
    3. WV Owls 01: Ashia B
  • U14G
    1. WV Revolution 99G Red: Meg M – 22.3 Sec
    2. WV Revolution 99G White: Mia L
    3. WV Revolution 99G Red: Sadhana V

Team Booth Fundraisers
The San Jose Earthquakes and some of the WV teams ran booths as both a fundraiser to support team activities, and to provide some community fun.   The booths this year included:

  • iPad Raffle – Hosted by WV Magic 02G
  • Bake Sale – Hosted by United 98G
  • Jamba Juice – Hosted by United 01
  • Earthquakes Give Away – Hosted by the San Jose Earthquakes
  • Italian Licorice Ropes and Snacks – Hosted by Rohnda Bohrami
  • Snacks and Drinks – Hosted by Revolution

Our teams thank you for your support.