WV Eagles 03B Academy


Latest News:

  • We are trying out new players during our open practices in the months of June, July, December and January 
  • WV Eagles 03B Maroon Team won 1st Place in 2015 CYSA D2 Spring Cup Silver A Bracket 

West Valley Youth Soccer League – Eagles 03B Maroon and White Teams:

     WV Eagles 03B offers an academy style program with tiered teams (Maroon and White) coached by professional coaching staff, we provide a technical and competitive soccer training program for boys born after July 31, 2003. We are looking for passionate and dedicated soccer players interested in elevating their game to the next level. Come to our open practices in the month of June, July, December and January.

Eagles Mission:

     Our mission is to build a community of players that focus on the long-term development of the WHOLE student-athlete.

Eagles Approach:

     Eagles is a non-profit and volunteer-based organization. We offer professional coaches with a friendly, talented group of players and parents. We are passionate to support the growth of the players as individual and team. Eagles looks forward to developing your son into the best soccer player he can be.

     Eagles focuses on player skill development, team growth and passion for the game, not just on winning. We emphasize fundamentals such as ball mastery (touch), feints, off-the-ball movement, and both team and individual offensive and defensive tactics. The focus on win-only often creates strategies that stagnate youth technical development, many competitive teams rely on athleticism as their game plan, and though these strategies may work at an early age, players pay a great price in the long-term technical development.

Eagles Achievements:

  • 2015 Spring Season:   1st Place in CYSA District II Spring Cup Silver A
  • 2014 Spring Season:   1st Place in CYSA District II Spring Cup Bronze A
  • 2013 Fall Season:   1st Place in NorCal State Cup Silver 3 Division
  • 2013 Spring Season:   3rd Place in CYSA District II Spring Cup Copper A
  • 2012 Fall Season:   4th Place in CYSA District II Fall Cup Copper B
  • 2012 Spring Season:   1st Place in CYSA District II Recreation Championship

Head Coach: Brandon DaConceição

  • USSF E License
  • CYSA F License
  • Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach certified
  • World Cup Soccer Camps and Clinics certified Personal Trainer and Site Director
  • De Anza Youth Soccer League Coach

WV Eagles 03B Maroon Team Manager: Kenneth Cai

WV Eagles 03B White Team Manager: Jeanie Smith

  • Email: jsb97j04@gmail.com

WV Eagles 02B Maroon Team Manager: Bo Li

WV Eagles 02B White Team Manager: Stacy Berg