WV Wolves 97

Allan Strong

Head Coach: Allan Strong       Asst. Coach:  Mike Conner, Dean Rodriguez
email:   astrong@gmail.com
Level: Class 3  –  Copper/Bronze Division

The WV Wolves were formed in the Fall Season (2010) and have a core team composed of top talent from Saratoga and West San Jose area.

The coaches have many years of coaching experience (including AYSO and CYSA class 3 & 1 coaching), licensed accreditation, and college (division 1) playing experience.

Team Values:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Individual Learning
  • Team Learning
  • Low Cost / Affordable

The coaching emphasis is on skills development (individual and team), instilling and growing the love of the game, offering kids leadership experiences, and building good sportsmanship.  The expectation is that kids will listen to coaching, work hard, and have fun.

All positions on the team are volunteer (including the coaches) so costs are kept down.  We look at playing 1-2 tournaments per season (and strive for local tournaments).   The Wolves have taken #1 place and in three district cup tournaments to date.

Players born after July 31, 1997 are eligible.

Tryouts:   contact me at astrong@gmail.com, if interested in trying out.