Coaching Courses

The CYSA Coaching School is a service for the volunteer coach. The purpose of the School is to educate, promote and stimulate your interest in youth soccer. The educational procedure of our school is established by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) which mandates that all coaches, regardless of background, follow the educational steps from ā€œFā€ through National ā€œDā€, without skipping a level. It is also required that the information be used for one full season before proceeding to the next course.

Click here to see what courses are available now in District II, and here for all of CYSA-N.


  • Pre-F: Introduction to youth soccer and coaching. It is recommended for all new coaches.
  • F: Introduction on coaching methods, with focus on first attacker and first defender. It is recommended all coaches.
  • E: Introduction to system of play and tactics, with focus on first/second attacker and first/second defender.
  • E/D: Focus on attacking and defending themes. It is required for Class 1 and 3 coaches.
  • D: It is required for Class 1 coaches of U16 and over. (Note: A proof of attending a referee class is need to fulfill requirements for “D”.