WVYSL has both a required and an option competitive team uniform kit which is available through two vendors: Asby Sports and EuroSport. Both vendors support online ordering and offer a significant discount to WVYSL teams when they purchase uniforms and other items including cleats and equipment. In addition, Asby Sports, which is based in San Jose, stocks all uniform sizes to allow for fitting in a more traditional retail shop.

Prior to ordering a uniform online the team manager must enter the team roster into the Asby or Eurosport system. To avoid maintaining two rosters, it is recommended that teams choose one or the other vendor.

To learn more about uniform requirements and the vendors, please keep reading or click on one of the following topics to learn more on a specific topic.

Required Uniform Kit

The required WVYSL competitive team uniform kit is:

  • Home Jersey Adidas MLS Match Maroon
  • Away Jersey Adidas MLS Match White
  • Shorts Adidas MLS Match Short Maroon
  • Socks (2 pair) Adidas Copa Zone or Adidas ForMotion Elite Maroon or White
maroon jerseywhite jerseymaroon shorts
maroon formotion sockwhite formotion sockmaroon copa sockwhite copa sock

Teams should choose either Copa or ForMotion socks. Please do not mix them on the same team.  Teams may choose to go with maroon socks only (no white socks) if they would prefer to do so.

All jerseys must have the WVYSL logo on them.

Any uniform modification beyond these specifications must be approved by the WVYSL board. Further details on WVYSL required uniform directive may be found here.

Optional Uniform Kit

In addition to the required kit, teams and players may optionally purchase the following recommended items:

  • Adidas Tiro 11 Training Jacket
  • Adidas Tiro 11 Training Pants
  • Adidas Scorch Backpack
  • Adidas Estadio Backpack
training jackettraining pants
Adidas Scorch backpackAdidas Estadio backpack


WVYSL Competitive Soccer Uniforms can be purchased from Asby Sports or Eurosport (also known as soccer.com).

Asby Sports:
Asby Sport’s has a San Jose retail store, where uniforms may be tried on and purchased directly at the store or ordered over the Internet. Because the Adidas uniform sizing is not always as expected, it is recommended that players try on the uniforms before ordering their first uniform. Asby’s local contact information is:

392 N Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95133
(408) 259-6770

Asbys’s has committed to keeping WVYSL uniforms in stock, so you should generally be able to walk in, make a purchase, and walk out.

Because they are our local uniform vendor, Asby Sports also provides all WVYSL families with a 20% discount on other in store purchases. Simply tell the cashier that your child is a WVYSL player and you will receive the discount on most items e.g., cleats, balls, etc. You may also order Asby uniforms over the Web once the team manager has added you to the Asby team roster and sent your login information to you. The link for ordering at Asby’s is: Asby Sports Web Order Form

EuroSport (soccer.com) also offers some great deals on equipment , soccer balls, back packs. etc that have been negotiated just for West Valley.  If you sign up for their Goal Club membership  for a one time 25.00 fee, you will get additional discounts on the entire EuroSport inventory as well as Goal Club points to use towards future purchases. As with Asby Sports, the team manager must add a player to the roster before online ordering can begin. You will receive an email with your personal link for ordering at that time. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery on Eurosport orders.

Team Manager Notes

Prior to ordering a uniform online the team manager must enter the roster into the Asby or Eurosport system.  Team managers are provided with this information separately.  If a new team manager does not have this information, please contact:

To keep things simple, it generally works best if a team picks the vendor (Asby Sports or EuroSport) that they want to work with, and enters the roster once for that vendor.