Reschedule Request

To request rescheduling of a home WVYSL game, please use the following form.  Note:

  • If you want to change the away game, please contact the opposing team.
  • If you are opposing team, wanting to reschedule a game against a WV team, please contact the team.

Before you send the request,

  • Check the WVYSL Master Schedule and determine the possible date and time for the new game. Fields are used for practices on weekdays, so they are NOT generally available for games.
  • Confirm reschedule date and time with opposing team before making request
  • Reschedule request should be made at least 10 days before original game day

You should receive an email confirming your request. If you do not, occasionally this Website drops the notification to the scheduler. If you do not get a response within 24 – 48 hrs, please contact the scheduler about it at Until you see the change in the published master schedule, your request is not in effect.

It is always wise to confirm referees by checking with Arbiter before a game. All WVYSL teams should have an account for this purpose.

Is the change confirmed with the opposing team? (required: Confirm before sending the request.)

Short description of rescheduling reason (required)

Team Name (required)

Age / Gender (required)

Playing League (required)

If other, what playing league game?

Match #, if available

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