Off-season scrimmages combined with regular practices is one of the best ways to help your team develop.   Practicing new skills in a game like situation against good competition is critical to skill mastery.

Finding a Team to Scrimmage

The best way to find teams to scrimmage is to look at teams who are roughly the same level as your own team.  Ideally you’d play some slightly weaker, some slightly stronger, but mostly pretty the best competition for our level.  To find teams to play in your age bracket the same level, please refer to the most recent season standings for your age group and team bracket:

Team manager and coach contact information is typically available for the teams on these sites. Over time, you will also develop a list of team managers and coaches you know and like to scrimmage.

In addition to playing in your own age bracket, teams a year younger but a bracket up can also be a good choice since they will be close to the same level.  Teams a year older, but a bracket lower are also often good competition.

There can also be benefits to playing a team of the opposite sex.  Girl teams can learn how to deal with more physical and aggressive play when they scrimmage boys teams; boys teams can learn the importance of clean passing and good teamwork that girls teams often excel with.

West Valley teams are always encouraged to scrimmage one another to get to know one another and build our sense of community.  You can find a list of all West Valley teams on our WVYSL home page. Most teams list the team contacts on their team web page.

Scheduling a scrimmage

To schedule a scrimmage, go to the WVYSL home page and mouse over the “Schedule” tab at the top of the page. Click on the Scrimmage Request page from the drop down menu. Fill out the form to request your scrimmage date/time. You will receive email when the form is submitted, and again with the field scheduler has assigned you to a field.

During the preseason, the field schedule can now be viewed online at this link from the scrimmage request page.

Scrimmage Details

In organizing a scrimmage, you will want to discuss the following topics with the other team manager or coach:

  • Do you want to use volunteer refs from each team, or would you prefer to pay for referee(s) and split the cost?
  • What color jerseys will each team wear?
  • Are there any restrictions on when you can take to the field? Should warmups be off the field?

It is always a good idea to drop an email to the other team manager or coach the week of the scrimmage to confirm that both teams are still on for the scrimmage since sometimes the situation may change.