Team Docs & Software

Team Binder

Every team should have a team binder that contains the following items:

  1. A zippered pocket where player passes can be stored.
  2. A plastic sheet protector for each player with:
    • A copy of the player registration (CYSA 1601) and/or waiver form (US Club)
    • Proof of Birth
  3. A copy of the team contact information
  4. pencils and pens
  5. folders to store the team goldenrod (CYSA), game cards, extra forms, tournament registrations, etc

Team Calendar

At the very least, every team should have a shared team calendar of some type. Although some teams have tried to use paper calendars or file calendars sent in email, these tend to be problematic since they are almost always out of date.

Many teams have found that the free google calendar works fairly well for ensuring everyone has access to the latest schedule. To create the calendar, you will need a google account. From that account, go to You can create a team calendar by clicking on “My Calendars” and selecting “Create New Calendar”. Create the calendar by giving it team name. To share the calendar with other people, click on the calendar name and select the “Share this Calendar”. From there you can add the email addresses of your team families.

Team Contacts List

As team manager, you are responsible for maintaining a current team contacts list. This can be done using a traditional file, or by using an online document. The advantage to an online document such as a google drive document is that families can automatically see updates as you make them.

Typical information that you may want to include in your contacts list are:

  • Jersey Number
  • Player Name
  • Player date of birth
  • Parent Names
  • Parent Address(es)
  • Email Addresses (for player and parents)
  • Sibling names and ages
  • Player School
  • Allergies

For the team manager, gather this information into one place makes it easier to track available jersey numbers for new players and information required for registration. For the families, this information is helpful for carpools, arranging for sibling entertainment on the sideline, play dates, etc.

Team Management Software

There are a number of team management software packages that have come onto the market in recent years.

One of the packages used by many WVYSL teams is TeamSnap. This package allows the team managers/coaches to manage the contacts list (roster), calendar, schedule, and payment records in one place. It can be configured to automatically send reminders before games and other team events. Using one of these software packages simplifies team management considerably.