Mise Park Rules

It is the responsibility of the league or group representatives, coaches, players, and spectators to acknowledge and understand the following rules & regulations regarding the use of any synthetic field surface in a City of San José facility:

  • No Dogs or pets of any kind
  • No Food or beverages, including gum, seeds, nuts or sports drinks (water in non-breakable containers are permitted)
  • No Smoking, open flame or tobacco products of any kind
  • No Glass bottles or glass containers of any type
  • No playing golf
  • No marking, painting, taping or use of chalk on any surface
  • No substances that may stain the turf, such as ointments or sunscreen
  • No metal cleats or screw-in plastic cleats (footwear must be rubber cleats, turf shoes or running shoes)
  • No motorized vehicles, bicycles, strollers, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades
  • No throwing of discus, javelin or hammer
  • Coaches and/or adults (18 years+) shall be present at all times when the field is being used by authorized groups or teams.
  • Teams and individuals must pick up and remove all litter from the field area after use.
  • If something spills on the field that needs to be cleaned do NOT attempt to do so. Contact the Sports Facility Reservation Office in such cases. Do NOT use heat, wire brushes, high pressure water sprays or other cleaners on the turf.
  • Any device that may puncture the turf base field may NOT be used. Corner flags, pylons, goal anchors, team banners, chairs, and tents must be secured with weights (not stakes). High heels should NOT be worn on the turf field.
  • Soccer and lacrosse goals are NOT to be left on the turf playing field. Goals must be carried and moved off the field after play. Do NOT drag goals on the turf.
  • Only authorized light maintenance or service vehicles with pneumatic rubber tires or turf tires are allowed on the field.
  • Hanging or climbing on the soccer goals or surrounding fencing is prohibited.
  • Please do not pick or pull grass fibers or infill material on the field.
  • For those facilities with synthetic TRACK surfaces, please NO cleats of any kind are allowed on the track. Athletes must enter/exit the field using the runners and/or mats located at the gate entrances.