Practice Field Policy

(Aug., 3, 2012)

West Valley Youth Soccer League has established a protocol for fair use of practice fields, as follows.

  1. Practice fields are scheduled by sending an email to ( Requests must be emailed, and must arrive before the specified due dates. Telephone requests are not accepted, as we use emails as written, dated record in case there are any questions or conflicts.
  2. Some fields may be used exclusively by Class I/III teams, or exclusively by recreational teams.  Becoming a comp coach does not imbue one with special powers or prestige. All coaches, players and teams are valuable to our league and must be treated with equal dignity and respect.
  3. The League will work to put gender and age groups together for further league bonding as well as team development.
  4. Fields are assigned after the request deadline. While we will consider the requested fields, days, and time, the assignments are made to provide the most efficient use of the field, so there are no guarantees. The only criterion that gives a team priority over other teams with field scheduling, at a particular practice site, is service to the league. The Board of Directors is the final authority. The VPO is the practice field coordinator unless otherwise designated, and speaks for the board. Appeals may be made to the full board of directors.
  5. If a request arrive past the deadline, we will assign available fields on first come, first served system.  Requested days or time may not be available if the requests arrive past the deadline.  
  6. Practice times are scheduled for a maximum of two hours, twice a week. Some teams, usually competitive and select teams who enter tournaments and require extra preparation, request to have a third practice in a week, most of the time this can be accommodated, if the field is open.
  7. Because of the physical and social development, and attention span of the children, the league recommends that U8 teams practice a maximum of one hour twice a week; U10 through U12 teams, a maximum of 1.5 hours twice a week; U14 and older, the two-hour maximum.
  8. Teams are scheduled for the equivalent of a half of a field. Please be courteous and work together with your fellow coaches at fields where the availability of goals may be an issue. For example, if a field can accommodate four teams but there are only two goals up, then the teams on that field would be expected to work out a reasonable system as to who gets to use the goals on what days.
  9. Likewise, many teams have “favorite” sides of a field (i.e., the north end or maybe the street side, or maybe where the grass is a little nicer), and want to use that side all of the time. There is no problem with this if the other team using the field at the same time agrees to it. However, if the second team also wants to use the “favorite” side, then the teams would be expected to work out a compromise or sharing system.
  10. Please keep to your assigned practice times, and also respect other teams’ starting and ending times. For example, if team A practices from 4:30 to 6, and team B is scheduled on the same field from 6 to 7:30, then team A should end on time. And team B should not step on the field until 6:00. Warm ups or cool downs can take place off or on the side of the field if they fall outside of the slotted time.
  11. Do not schedule a friendly scrimmage or practice game on a field without getting the consent of the team that shares the field with your team. The league may have other fields open at your desired times or even fields set aside for scrimmage games.
  12. League-sanctioned games, such as makeup games as scheduled by the league scheduler, take priority over practices. The team(s) normally scheduled for a particular field and time will be notified in advance of the league’s need for that field so they can make other arrangements for practice that night.
  13. And finally, DO NOT PRACTICE where you are not scheduled. Because of the dwindling availability of fields, we will have more teams sharing fields this year. In order to provide practice space for everyone, we need to abide by the schedule. Do not assume that a field is open for you to use just because you don’t see anyone on it on a particular day. We may not have the permits for that field! Always check with the VPO or practice field coordinator, if you want to inquire about a particular field or change your time/location.
  14. The Board has approved a policy of protecting our league’s equipment and the safety of our players. Thus coaches who practice on fields where there are league goals for practice use must ALWAYS lock up the goals and any other league equipment at the conclusion of practice. Coaches are responsible for securing our equipment, even if this is delegated to an assistant coach or parent. Coaches, who leave goals or other league equipment unlocked or unsecured, will lose their right to practice on that field. In addition, for the safety of our players, goals must always be anchored with sandbags or stakes specially designed for soccer goals. If you cannot anchor the goals, then do not use them.
  15. Teams practicing on game fields that are lined must agree to cooperate on keeping the field lined. If a team refuses to help maintain the field, it will lose the right to practice on game fields.
    You must have field permit on hand at all practices. You might be asked at any time to show it to a school district or city employee, or to a police officer, especially if there are unauthorized users on your practice field. Do not create any dangerous confrontations with unauthorized users; call the police if your players or you feel unsafe.

Thank you for your cooperation.

VP of Operations