Competitive Teams

The WV YSL program offers the traditional West Valley family-oriented program, available since 1968, for players interested in playing competitive soccer to take their skills to the next level:

Player development for high level competition with balance allowing for strong academics and for other extracurricular activities
Teams stay & bond with their soccer family for many years
Family/player/community shaped program
Both tiered and individual teams
Participates in CCSL & NorCal leagues and State Cups
Compliant with all CYSA/NorCal coaching education & requirements
Fields in the Saratoga, Campbell, and West San Jose area.

WV YSL provides family-oriented, affordable program to develop players for competitive play in high school and beyond with more committed teams, better competition, and better training. Most of our teams play bronze, silver, or gold level soccer in CYSA or NorCal or both. The players are successful in high school soccer, some of them even at schools like Archbishop Mitty and St Francis and some have gone on to college soccer.

At WVYSL, we try to keep costs moderate to allow all families to participate. WVYSL is led by team family volunteers with no paid staff. Many teams choose to work with a professional trainer, but this is a team decision and they fund it themselves.

WVYSL is open to both individual players, and to full teams seeking a quiet haven to develop their players as the families and their coaches see fit. Many of our teams have come into WVYSL this way. New coaches will be assigned a mentor to ease the transition. Our coaches mentor and support one another without competitive career concerns or competition for players. Team/Club direction is set directly by the team families and coach.

You can learn more about some of the teams in the WV YSL programs by clicking on the “Competitive Teams” menu item at the top of this page or selecting one of these links:

We are creating some new teams for Fall 2017. Please contact us if you are interested in forming a new team at