WV United 05B

Welcome to the home page of the West Valley United 05 Boys!

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2016 Spring League NORCAL Champions – Silver 1 Region 2

1st Place January Kickoff Classic – January 2016

2nd place Peninsula Cup Tournament – Spring 2016

1st Place Super Classico Champions – Summer 2016

West Valley United has teams in the Gold & Bronze levels.  Our age group is open to any boy born in 2005 or 2006.  We offer a competitive program that fosters individual player development as well as team building.

We have a strong, committed group of boys and families who make this team what it is.

If you are interested in trying out for our program, please contact Coach Eze at barajasz@aol.com. or 408 499 1569. We encourage prospective players to explore our program during one of our normal training sessions.  Spending this time with United will give you a feel of how our team trains and operates, along with giving your son a chance to interact with the boys on our team.  Parents are always welcome to stay and observe.

COACH: Ezequiel Barajas




Congratulations to the West Valley United 05 Boys team for winning 2nd Place in the 2016 Peninsula Cup!  The Peninsula Cup was held April 23rd & 24th in the Hayward & Foster city areas.  Weather was perfect for 2 –days of fun filled soccer.  This was the boy’s first visit to the Peninsula Cup and we did not know what to expect.  We played against some tough teams and after winning 3 games, with a total of 11 points and allowing only 3 points by opponents, they were in 1st place in Bracket A.

In the finals the boys played the full game without either team scoring a goal.  Forwards, mid-fielders had shots on goals, but our goalie and defense played tough.  With a score of 0-0 we then went into overtime, playing two 5-minute halves with 1st goal winning.  This also turned into a fierce battle of forwards going up against defenders and the defenders holding tight.  By this time, we had spectators from other ending games lining the sidelines to watch these young determined boys not willing to give an inch.   Again, the teams were at a standstill leading into a penalty shootout!!  It couldn’t have gotten better for end of tournament play! Each team had 1-goal each when it came to the last man/goalie kicks.  The opponent fired and made a goal.  It was then our turn and unfortunately the goalie had a good eye and bounced the ball out.  Wow! What a way to end a tournament.

It was an emotional, exhausting and exhilarating game!! We were so proud of our players and how they never let up, gave it their all and how they showed respect to the other team. This is what Youth Soccer is all about.  We will win some and we will lose some.  How the boys learn to manage their feelings on winning and losing and how to come back from it are life lessons they will carry on into adulthood.

After a couple of days of rest, a week of practice and the boys are asking “when is the next tournament”.  Special thanks to Coach Eze who continues to look for players with heart and develops them into better soccer players.  More to come from our WV United 2005B team!