WV United 06B


Peninsula cup Champions


The United 06B team is a new competitive team that will compete for the first time in Spring in Spring, 2016. It is open to any boy born in 2006 or 2007. We offer a competitive program that fosters individual player development as well as team building.

If you are interested in trying out for our program, please contact Coach Eze at barajasz@aol.com. or 408 499 1569. We encourage prospective players to explore our program during one of our normal training sessions. Spending this time with United will give you a feel of how our team trains and operates, along with giving your son a chance to interact with the boys on our team. Parents are always welcome to stay and observe.

COACH: Ezequiel Barajas

  • 20 years of coaching experience
  • CYSA E/D license
  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Double Gold
  • Goalkeeper coach certified
  • Goalkeeper and Physical Trainer. [FMDF]
  • Referee license 8


WV United 06B wins Peninsula Cup Tournament April, 2016

The WV United 06B participated in the Peninsula Cup tournament this April, 2016 held at Foster City, California. On the opening day of the tournament, WV United team had a victory against Force 06B with 5-3. But later in the day they lost the second game to PAC Infinity by 5-6. The following day in the tournament the WV United team was more determined than before to win the first game of the day which would have moved them to the finals. Eventually they beat Peninsula Lions with 6-0 and moved into the finals.

In the finals WV United 06B being the Bracket A topper, played against Ravenswood Real Madrid 06B who were the Bracket B topper. Both the teams gave an amazing performance but WV United 06B won the finals by defeating Ravenswood Real Madrid 06B by 4-3. From the beginning of the tournament, the WV United team players were very determined and confident to win the Peninsula Cup. Finally winning the Peninsula Cup have made the players very happy and more determined to win the games scheduled in the coming days. The full standings are here.

There are many new players in the team but Coach Eze’s continuous effort to make the players perform better and competent shows up in each game they play. The practice sessions are scheduled and are tuned to improve each player’s skills. The players of WV United team follow the mantra of “Hard Work and Focus”. Besides everything the players of this team just love soccer!

By Nazreen Kar