WV United 07B Maroon

Competitive Soccer Summer Camp!

June 19-22nd

Anderson Elementary School

4000 Rhoda Ln, San Jose CA

9am-1pm, Mon-Thur

Our summer camp will focus on both technical and tactical aspects of the game and will help all players in their individual skills, confidence and decision making abilities. Each day will end with small sided games to encourage players to be creative and apply the concepts learnt throughout the camp.

All players will receive an evaluation that will help understand their strengths and know what to work on to improve their skill set.

Our camps will include working on:

  • Dribbling skills, fakes, deception, shielding, turning with the ball.
  • Offensive concepts: Team mobility, attacking runs, possession, through balls, penetration.
  • Defensive concepts: Team compactness, pressure, cover, delay.
  • Shooting, finishing, finesse, 1v1’s, headers (when allowed).
  • Passing, trapping, crosses

Signup at http://bit.ly/wvunitedsoccercamp
Contact: Mike Agueros for more infomikeagueros@gmail.com, (408) 507 – 4453

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The WV United 2007 team is new to West Valley playing at the gold level and is already seeing great success! 

Coached by Cristian Solorio, this team is off to a good start and looking to grow. 

We offer a competitive program that fosters individual player development as well as team building.  If you are interested in our Open Tryouts (drop in practices), please visit our training site: Train for a week!

We encourage prospective players to explore our program during one of our normal training sessions. Spending this time with United will give you a feel of how our team trains and operates, along with giving your son a chance to interact with the boys on our team. Parents are always welcome to stay and observe.


2nd Place MVLA Spring Cup Winners!

West Valley United ’07B Maroon – Starting off strong!

Congratulations to our WV Unite 07B Maroon boys team for wining 2nd place at the MVLA Bay area Spring Cup!  The team, headed by Coach Cristian Solorio and Team Manager Manuel Solorio are developing a competitive and skill set of young players.  They entered the MVLA tournament in the Gold/Premier bracket and fought their way to the finals against some very competitive and established teams. With a hard fought battle, they placed 2nd but fought with their heart and soul!

When is the last time you have seen a 9 year-old try a bicycle kick for a goal?  These boys are a joy to watch.  Coach Cristian does a great job of making the practices and games fun for them while making sure they focus on developing their skill set.  We are going to be seeing a lot from these boys over the next few years.

Come see one of their games or visit our Tryout page at:

We have multiple teams at different levels.  Our basic goal is to have the players develop together as a team.  “Develop together and stay together”.

Go West Valley!