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WV Elite FC after winning their final game of the season, capturing first place in the Copper Level.

WV Elite FC after winning their final game of the season, cinching first place in the Cal North Competitive Soccer League’s Copper Division.

A Winning Year!
CCSL 2015 Copper Division Champs

Under the skilled and motivational leadership of Coach Rusty Millard, WV Elite FC had an incredible first year together, winning the Cal North Competitive Soccer League’s Copper Division. Now the team is excited to be moving to the Bronze competitive level in Spring 2016.

These 15 South Bay girls formed deep bonds in their first competitive level season. They played hard as a team, had fun as a team, and never stopped improving. Special thanks to Team Managers Shane Plaxton and Kim Iarocci, and to all of the parents who supported Elite FC and cheered them to victory at every game.

Congratulations girls!

2015 Team*

Matilda Emily Mary Michelle Kayra
Paeton Reese Raina Kelly Quincy
Lindsay Marcella Kaia Alyssa Elyssa
* WV Elite FC is open to adding new players. If interested, please contact Kim Iarocci at kiarocci@mac.com for more information.  WV Elite FC 11-22-2015_DSC_9826_Game


“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”



WV Elite FC Rusty 08-29-2015_DSC_8844

Head Coach: Rusty Millard

2015 was Rusty’s first season coaching WV Elite FC. He currently is the Head Varsity Girls Soccer Coach at Los Gatos High School, following nine years as the school’s Head Varsity Boys Soccer Coach. Under Rusty’s tutelage, the Los Gatos H.S. boys soccer program has won four league championships, qualified for the CCS Playoffs every year, and is ranked in the boys soccer Top 15 each year out of 139 schools.

WV Elite FC 09-12-2015_DSC_8953 Raina

Rusty graduated from Los Gatos H.S. and was a member of the school’s only CCS Championship boys soccer team. Rusty was a 1st team all-league selection his senior year and received a soccer scholarship to play college soccer at Westmar University in Iowa.

Rusty works with 60 soccer players year round in Los Gatos to help develop their skills and strengthen their teams. Rusty has run five consecutive years of summer soccer camps at Los Gatos H.S. in order to help fundraise money for the soccer program.

Team Managers: Shane Plaxton and Kim Iarocci

WV Elite FC 10-24-25_2015_DSC_9365_Halloween Team

WV Elite FC 10-24-25_2015_DSC_9357Halloween Candid

WV Elite FC 10-24-25_2015_DSC_9605 Almaden

WV Elite FC 08-29-2015_DSC_8750 Candid

WV Elite FC 10-3-15_DSC_9212 Group