WV Revolution 99G

Welcome to the WV Revolution 99G club site. Our club emphasizes:

Team On Field
  • Development of high-level soccer skills
  • Working together as a team showing support and dedication to one another and the success of the team
  • Coaching that will ask for your best efforts and works with you to help you attain the highest level of soccer skill through rigorous conditioning
  • Bonding and developing new friends on the team who will encourage you to be your best on the field and off
  • Tournament competition
  • Life lessons that you will carry with you in to future endeavors teaching you to be respectful, learn from your mistakes, & be gracious winners to name a few
“If you let me train your daughter for one year, she will become a much better soccer player”  – Coach Vinko
The girls in this club want to become the best players they can be, while taking their team to the next level. If these objectives sound good to you, you are passionate about soccer too, and you are looking for a hard working, supportive, and fun, competitive soccer team, the West Valley Revolution 99G wants to meet you!

TEAM STRUCTURE:   The Revolution 99G has a two team tiered club structure. Under the leadership SophiaFamily of a single professional coach, Vinko Puljiz, we currently have the following teams:

The strongest players are registered as WV Revolution 99G Red.  This team plays in the NorCal gold bracket. Revolution White plays in the CCSL silver bracket. Since we are part of a club, we borrow players between the two teams, and players may move up and down between the teams based on their development. Both teams are working hard to take it to the next level.

COACH:  Revolution is led by a professional coach/trainer, Vinko Puljiz. VinkoCard Coach Vinko holds a USSF National D level license. He coaches all games, and he runs practices with help from team parents who help as assistant coaches or team assistants. Coach Vinko makes all player decisions, and he has no family members on the team. His consistent and unbiased coaching focuses on helping each girl reach her potential. Coach Vinko also emphasizes good manners and skills for life off the field.
Coach Vinko is originally from Croatia. He has played, or been involved in, soccer for most Coaching of his life. To say that he is passionate about soccer is an understatement. He started playing when he was very young. He has coached boys’ and girls’ soccer for more than 20 years in the Bay Area. As an assistant coach for the De Anza Sharks, he helped lead the team to five NorCal state championships and regional finals. With his guidance, the De Anza Strikers went to the State Cup finals in 2007. He trained the Central Valley Chili Peppers from 2007- 2008; the team went to the State Cup finals in 2008. From 2008 – 2010, Coach Vinko trained the Central Valley Revolution. He began coaching the initial core of the WV Revolution club in 2011.
WHO THE PLAYERS ARE: Besides working hard in soccer, the girls study hard in school, TeamLunch many maintaining a straight A average. A number of different schools are represented in this club including: Cupertino High, Fremont High, Harker, Homestead High, King’s Academy, Lynbrook, Monte Vista, Mitty, Santa Teresa High, Saratoga High, Westmont, Wilcox, Willow Glen, and Woodside High School.
The girls’ list of future occupations includes an actress, architect, engineer, lawyer, ColorRunmidwife, pediatrician, photographer, soccer player, teacher, and veterinarian. Some of the girls also play instruments and participate in other sports, including badminton, basketball, field hockey, golf, swim team, track and cross country.
Given the girls’ different interests and plans, soccer is not expected to be the only focus, but certainly a main focus!
Soccer SistersSOCIALS: Away from the fields, the girls and their families from both teams gather together for at least one social activity a month. These socials have included BBQs, birthday celebrations, Sunday potlucks, community service sessions, summer camp outs, movie nights, swim parties, and outings to watch the SCU Women’s soccer games and the San Jose Earthquakes. .


COMMUNICATIONS: We manage both teams using TeamSnap for centralized scheduling and communications. We also maintain a shared Google calendar and a shared Google drive for club and team documents. The team managers send a weekly team news email to update the families on what is going on within the team, club, and league, and to summarize the schedule for the week.
MegFEES/FUNDRAISING: Each family pays a monthly fee that covers general team expenses such as coaching fees, field rental, balls, nets and other various supplies needed for coaching. Uniforms, league fees and tournament travel require additional costs. Various fundraising activities, including recycling efforts and garage sales, help defray the extra costs.
VOLUNTEERING: Each team family contributes time to help the team Zahra1 in some way. Some volunteer positions include social coordinator, travel coordinator, fundraising coordinator, team manager, assistant coaches, and treasurer.
TRYOUTS: We are always open to meeting new players. If you are interested or have questions about the teams, please contact: Vinko Puljiz (Head Coach) or Glenna Mayo (Team Manager).
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